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Our service is available to all types of schools, including: Academies, Free Schools, Independent, Maintained and Non-Maintained.

The service supports the SIMS infrastructure and the effective use of SIMS throughout the school for administration, statutory requirements, information for teachers and parents, and as a management tool to inform decision-making by senior leadership.

We deliver this through our experienced professionals working with schools via a combination of helpdesk support, training courses, site visits and consultancy arrangements.

SIMS Support

SIMS User Groups

Your opportunity to meet the 3BM team and other schools in your area to network, get advice, share best practice and get briefings on the latest developments. With support for all statutory and required returns to the LA and DfE.

Our User Groups provide an opportunity for you to meet the 3BM SIMS team and other schools in your area to network, get advice, share best practice and get briefings on the latest developments.

We provide information and support for all statutory and required returns to the LA and DfE and offer useful hints and tips to enable you to get the most out of your SIMS data.

We also advise on the latest software updates and how they can benefit you and timely reminders about the SIMS termly tasks and routines, together with advice to complete them.

View our Spring Term User Group Dates

Support for SIMS

Our SIMS team are specialists with Local Authority and school backgrounds. We are experienced trainers and have expertise in all areas of SIMS.

Within the team we have a representative on the national SIMS Strategic Advisory Panel and Chair of the SIMS London User Group.

The Team

Full Technical Support

We provide full technical support for:
• Provision of all SIMS and FMS upgrades to the SIMS server and to workstations
• Provision of SIMS and FMS Patches as required
• SIMS installation and deployment advice to maximise speed and performance
• Technical support for the SIMS infrastructure and database  (including data recovery)
• Support with data export to approved 3rd Party applications

Technical Support

We can offer consultancy visits at customer convenient times for on-site development and training. Plus, you’ll be assigned your own Link Officer who will get to know your school and offer proactive support to make sure your team are up to date with their training and knowledge.

Personal Touch

We offer structured training, briefings and workshops, held in our dedicated training room on our Addison site, in London W14.

We provide the perfect opportunity to improve your skills, plus by linking remotely to your school you can work on your own data in a supported environment.

INSETs for groups of staff can be arranged either in our training room or at school e.g. SIMS Assessment training for teachers.

Training Courses
A programme of structured SIMS training courses, with practical, hands-on exercises and a comprehensive handbook to take away. 3BM produce our own training courses and documentation to specifically meet the needs of our delegates. For further information see our Training Page

In our workshops we use secure remote links to your SIMS system giving you an opportunity to work on your own data in a supported environment.

SIMS Training


Regular briefings on statutory data returns giving you up to date information and guidance.

Our overview sessions give schools the opportunity to view new products or SIMS functionality, supporting the development of systems within your school.

We provide a dedicated Helpdesk for the SIMS team that is staffed by our experienced and knowledgeable professionals, to ensure that you get the answers you need quickly.

Helpdesk Support

In addition to supporting the recording and return of all statutory assessments, 3BM can work with you to build and support bespoke pupil/student tracking systems within SIMS. We have a package available to primary schools which allows schools to record and analyse data in line with the new National Curriculum.

Pupil Tracking
Our 3BM Assessment specialists will work with the Senior Leadership Team to design and build systems within SIMS to record pupil attainment and track progress.

Assessment Analysis Reports
A set of 3BM Reports allow information from SIMS to be displayed in a user-friendly format. This allows instant analysis of assessment data across different groups of pupils.

Reports to Parents
3BM can design reports to help you share assessment data with parents, customising them to meet your individual school requirements.



“Assessment without Levels”
Our experienced Assessment Team can advise and support you to set up SIMS to meet individual or local requirements for recording judgements against the new curriculum. We have models available for use or can create customised systems as required.

“The training courses are excellent; extremely well run and very well-tailored to the demands of our job. The handouts are extremely useful and a good reference point.”

Vanessa Hammerton - Admin. Assistant, Avonmore Primary School (LBHF)